The objective of GRID GROUP LTD is to offer the customers a high-quality IT comprehensive service solution. We are able to offer the advice of experienced specialists in the fields of Apple products and services.
GRID Group LTD offers the following services:

  • Administration and maintenance of devices
  • Consultations by experienced specialists
  • Training courses to ensure more efficient utilisation of the infrastructure. In order to efficiently use Apple devices at the workplace, we offer training courses that are specialised for Apple products. We offer training courses for beginners and professionals ā€“ from Mac OS beginner-level training to administrator-level training. Our Apple IT training courses are:
    • Discover MAC ā€“ Mac OS and iOS user training
    • Application training: iWork and iLife
    • Intra-company Apple integration and internal training
    • IT administrator training (deployment, images, managed profiles, etc.)
  • We offer Apple products in both standard and specialised configurations on favourable conditions. GRID GROUP OƜ is an Apple Authorised Reseller and offers a wide range of Apple devices for the customers. In cooperation with our financial partners, we can offer convenient solutions for financing the purchases.
  • Replacement and rental services of devices, if required.
  • We offer the opportunity to dispose of your depreciated devices.
  • Apple specialised home and office solutions. Even though Apple has mainly aimed its product portfolio at the end-users, it is nevertheless possible to offer several innovative and specific product solutions that are well suited for various customer segments on the basis of its products.

Other services we provide include:

  • Server housing
  • Workstation management
  • Web hosting
  • IT support services
  • Server adminstration
  • IT manager services
  • Administration of business applications
  • Backup solutions
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